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March 7, 2018

NEW POLL: 96% of Americans Believe that Trump’s “Manhood” is Average or Below-Average in Size

New CAFE/SurveyMonkey Poll of Registered Voters Reveals Few Trust the Billionaire’s Candidate’s Claims about the Size of His Private Parts  Anatomy

Poll of Registered Voters Uses SurveyMonkey Methodology Similar to Major News Organizations Like NBC  
(Only 4% Surveyed Believe that the Billionaire He is Above-Average, Despite his Memorable Guarantee to the American People)

NEW YORK, NY – A new CAFE/SurveyMonkey poll released WedneTuesday by the new media network CAFE shows that the vast majority of Americans believe that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “manhood” is actually average or below average in size, despite the presumptive Republican nominee’s his strident assertions to the contrary.

In the online SurveyMonkey poll of registered voters, 61% surveyed said they believe that Trump’s manhood is average in size, while 35% say that the New York billionaire is actually below-average. Just 4% of respondents surveyed believe Trump when he says he is above-average.


The poll is the first in a groundbreaking six-part series CAFE will be unveiling of national surveys about the likely GOP nominee. It was conducted through SurveyMonkey, working with a pollster so respected that they seriously refused to be publicly associated with this subject matter. The results show that Americans still maintain serious doubts when it comes to the size of the New York billionaire’s anatomy genitalia and truthfulnessfitness to serve as commander-in-chief.

To those who say this isn’t a subject befitting the reputation of a nationally-respected pollster and news organization like CAFE, we wholeheartedly agree,”The size of Donald Trump’s body parts has obviously been a key area of division during this GOP primary season. We felt it was time to finally take this debate outside the Beltway and give real voters a voice on the matter,” said CAFE Editor-in-Chief Blake Zeff. “Yet this has been an issue of contention throughout the GOP primary, and we owe it to the American public to see where voters stand on this issue. Americans deserve a president they can trust. If Americans they don’t take Trump at his word over the size of his anatomyown privates, how can they trust him to lead our nation?”

The issue first came to national attention during the Republican presidential primaries, when Senator Marco Rubio mocked the allegedly diminutive size of Trump’s hands, implying that his manhood must be small as well. This prompted Trump to fire back memorably during a debate in Detroit, Michigan, “I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”

The matter reemerged as a key issue in the national debate this holiday weekend, when Rubio told CNN’s Jake Tapper he was sorry for saying what he did about Trump’s body parts. 
(The poll comes amid lingering doubts that Trump’s bank account also may not be as large as he has claimed, either. The casino mogul and reality TV star has recently claimed a net worth of over $10 billion, but Trump’s repeated refusal to release his tax returns has stoked speculation that he is not nearly that well-endowed.)


CAFE surveyed 658 registered voters from May 26-27. Respondents were chosen at random through the same opt-in online platform currently used by a major national broadcast network. Survey data was weighted by age and gender to accurately represent the expected 2016 presidential electorate.

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