CAFE Insider 09/26: Ukraine & Brazen Power

Show Notes

If you’d like to start listening from where you left off, go to 14:55.

Preet and Anne break down the significant developments in the Ukraine / whistleblower story that’s at the center of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

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  • The White House’s released memorandum of a July 25th telephone conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
  • The Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel’s opinion about the whistleblower complaint, 9/24/19
  • Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire’s statement about the whistleblower, 9/25/19
  • “Joint Statement from Committee Chairs on Release of Ukraine Call Record,” Committee on Oversight and Reform
  • “Read Nancy Pelosi’s full remarks as she called for an impeachment inquiry of President Trump,” USA Today, 9/24/19
  • “Watch: Trump holds press conference after Ukraine call notes released,” CNBC, 9/25/19
  • “GOP Sen. Sasse slams all parties’ responses to whistleblower report,” Axios, 9/25/19
  • “Graham Statements on Impeachment and The Release of Transcripts,” Senator Lindsey Graham, 9/25/19
  • Trump tweet about whistleblower’s counsel having donated to Biden, 9/25/19
  • President Trump’s meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the UN General in New York City, 9/25/19


  • “Trump offered Ukrainian president Justice Dept. help for Biden investigation, memo shows,” Washington Post, 9/25/19
  • “Trump ordered hold on military aid days before calling Ukrainian president, officials say,” Washington Post, 9/23/19
  • “Trump Asks Ukraine’s Leader to ‘Do Us a Favor’ and Also Urges Inquiry of Biden,” New York Times, 9/25/19
  • “Trump Meets With Ukraine’s President and Denies Pressuring Him to Investigate Biden,” New York Times, 9/25/19
  • “Pelosi Tells Trump: ‘You Have Come Into My Wheelhouse,’” The New York Times, 9/25/19
  • “Democrats look to narrow impeachment focus to Trump-Ukraine scandal,” Politico, 9/25/19
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