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November 20, 2018

CAFE Insider, 11/19 (Part I): Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 2 of CAFE Insider co-hosted by Preet Bharara and Anne Milgram.

The two-part conversation covers the latest on Mueller, Whitaker, the Julian Assange sealed indictment, and the criminal justice reform bill.

In Part I, Preet and Anne discussed President Trump’s written answers to Bob Mueller’s questions.  The New York Times published the list of questions back in April. You can read them here, organized by topic.

The discussion also referenced a motion challenging the legal validity of Matthew Whitaker’s appointment that was filed by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh. You can read that here.

Preet and Anne make note of Whitaker’s comment calling Marbury v. Madison, the landmark 1803 Supreme Court decision that established judicial review, the worst decision in the Court’s history.

Read the 2014 interview where Whitaker’s made the comment here.

Read the opinion in Marbury v. Madison here.  And watch this video from Khan Academy (17 minutes)

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