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November 19, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Carson Foreign Policy E-mails Leaked; Plan To Destroy ISIS Detailed

The Dig is no stranger to breaking big, game-changing stories, from my 1991 exposé proving Anita Hill committed perjury by saying she was sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas with a can of Coke (it was actually Fresca) to my 2003 investigation into Pat Tillman’s pee-wee football records that found he was a hero both on and off the field. This one may be the biggest yet.

The Dig has received leaked e-mails between Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson and his foreign policy advisor. I have been able to authenticate them, although I have not been able to unravel the identity of the advisor — whose e-mail signature reads “CovertProfGeoff” — as of press time. My editors at CAFE have made the decision to publish the e-mails in full. They appear below.

I apologize that I am unable to give in-depth analysis, as my girlfriend’s dormmate has her boyfriend over again, forcing me to write this on my Blackberry. I will say that these e-mails depict an untested yet confident candidate who seems genuinely interested in learning the ins and outs of international affairs.

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