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December 29, 2018

Happy Holidays From CAFE

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to thank you for being a loyal member of the CAFE Insider community and wish you a happy and fulfilling new year.

We launched Stay Tuned over a year ago and CAFE Insider just in November, all with the goal of helping you make sense of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law, politics, and justice.

Many of you have reached out to share your thoughts and suggestions, helping us to choose the subjects Preet and Anne explore on the CAFE Insider podcast, the guests we invite on Stay Tuned, and the improvements we’re making to the overall member experience.

In emails, phone calls, and on Twitter you have told us why you’ve joined – because having a deep understanding of the issues affecting our country is important to you; because it is an opportunity to engage with what’s happening beyond the daily rancor of breaking news headlines; and because many of you enjoy sharing your knowledge with your fellow citizens – even at cocktail parties.

We are humbled by your passion, and we are grateful that you make the time to contribute to the Insider community.

We look forward to more learning and sharing in 2019, with the launch of our Town Call conference calls, more text alerts from Preet, and responding to your questions on Stay Tuned and the CAFE Insider Podcasts.

Some 2018 highlights . . .

On the CAFE Insider podcast, Preet and Anne have been wading through the torrent of breaking news.

— Assessing Trump’s criminal liability, with a look at the burden of proof on prosecutors for campaign finance violation cases. (Listen to “Trump’s Criminal Liability”)

— Making sense of the flood of memos filed in the cases of Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort. (Listen to “Individual-1” and “Cohen’s Sentence; Comey’s Testimony”)

— Looking closely at the appointment of Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker and the nomination of Bill Barr for Attorney General. (Listen to “Individual-1” and “Cohen’s Sentence; Comey’s Testimony”)

The CAFE Insider newsletter has looked forward and back, dipping into historical archives for reflections on the freedom of the press (Read CAFE Insider Newsletter #1), pardon power (Read CAFE Insider Newsletter #3) and other issues central to our democracy.

On Stay Tuned, it’s been an honor to host people whose ideas are shaping the first draft of history.

— Kara Swisher, on Facebook and the overall tech landscape in “Does Silicon Valley Have a Conscience?”

— Michael Lewis on the presidential transition and governance in the Trump Administration in “What is the Fifth Risk?”

— Michael Beschloss on presidents and war and the importance of historical knowledge in “How to Assess a Presidency?”

And we heard more from guests on Stay Tuned, like the bonus material featuring Bob Bauer discussing Trump’s relationship with the judiciary branch and the significance of Paul Manafort’s case to Mueller’s overall investigation.

Thousands of people joined Preet for the Stay Tuned Tour with stops in New York (with Jeff Toobin), DC (with Chuck Todd), and LA (with Kumail Nanjiani).

We’ll have even more opportunities in 2019 for you to join Preet and his guests at live events, and we look forward to more conversations where we make sense of what’s happening. Perhaps most importantly, we look forward to more of your feedback and engagement, which inspires us to do what we do.

Thank you for your support and happy new year!

— The CAFE Insider Team