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In this sample from the CAFE Insider podcast, Preet and Joyce discuss the legality of vaccine mandates.

In the full episode, Preet and Joyce break down current legal challenges to vaccine mandates, and the legality of the CDC’s new eviction moratorium. They also break down whether double jeopardy protections preclude the new charges the Manhattan DA has brought against Ken Kurson, Jared Kushner’s close friend and a Trump pardon recipient, who stands accused of cyberstalking his ex-wife.

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Tamara Sepper – Executive Producer; Adam Waller – Senior Editorial Producer; Matthew Billy – Audio Producer; Jake Kaplan – Editorial Producer


Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Zucht v. King, U.S. Supreme Court, opinion, 1922

Jacobson v. Massachusetts, U.S. Supreme Court, opinion, 1905

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CAFE Insider 8/24: Covid Court