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December 10, 2015

OP-ED: I Will Lead Where This Illegitimate President Cannot. Watch Me Handle Ukraine For Him

The wildman is off the leash. After being forced to cover the dullest aspects of national politics, my editors could see that they were essentially forcing an elite airborne recon specialist to act as a JAG officer. That’s right, my paymasters at Cafe have told me that I can flip my safety off, set my sights, and unload war insights into your soft brains!

It seems the entire blogosphere can’t stop yapping about Donald Trump. Ignoring the obvious faults in his plan (wouldn’t it be easier to enforce a naval blockade around every Muslim country than to prohibit them from entering ours? Moron), it’s just smoke and circuses, dog and mirrors shows-type stuff. The real issue right now is in Ukraine. With bald Hitler Vladimir Putin using the previously unremarkable weird country as his launching point for his greater designs on the rest of Europe, I’ve decided to track armor procurement in the Donbass region. What follows is straight from my inbox. This following exchange is between me and Kremlin deputy Anatoly Antonov. Watch this Kremlin creep squirm as he has the screws put to him by a true scholar of warfare:

As you can see, Mr. Antonov had no response for my inquires about exact logistics concerning the T-90s I hear are littering Donbass. Just goes to show you that when a certain president who was born in a fake state and has a dumbass name is too deep in his K2 addiction to lead, a man from War College will find a way. NATO always finds a way, gentlemen.

Jeff out!