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February 15, 2018

Preet Announces Inaugural CAFE Change Summit


A Message From Preet

I have spent my life working on ensuring opportunity, strengthening democracy, and doing justice. Those are the issues that I wrestled with over almost eight years as the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan. They’re the questions I talk about on my podcast, Stay Tuned with Preet. And now, I’m bringing those ideas to a new level with the CAFE Change Summit.

Over the course of a day-long experience, the CAFE Change Summit will bring young aspiring change-makers together with people who have already made their mark, including household names and powerful new voices, providing opportunities for engagement and real-life conversations about how to identify complex challenges; how to think about new and interesting solutions; and how to turn ideas into results.

The individuals I’ve chosen to participate in this forum are some of the most accomplished leaders and exciting trailblazers in the country. Invited participants will engage with people like Tina Brown, a pioneering media mogul who created the Women in the World summit; Catherine Hoke, the founder and CEO of Defy Ventures, which equips formerly incarcerated individuals with the skills to start their own business; Vanita Gupta, the President and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; and Bassem Youssef, a world-renowned comedian who created an Egyptian news satire show to take on the ruling regime.

Young people invited to this event will hear Garry Kasparov, a master chess player and human rights advocate, discuss international corruption with Bill Browder, the investor-turned-activist behind legislation like the Magnitsky Act. They’ll engage with public servants of all backgrounds who entered tough races and beat the odds. They’ll learn from people who fund projects and build movements about the best ways to get started. And most importantly, they’ll get real insight into how to turn a vision for change into reality.

The goal of this summit is to inspire thoughtful action – to motivate people to take on real challenges; to approach those challenges in new and interesting ways; and to honor and encourage not just conversation, but results.

At a time when people here in our country and around the globe can feel daunted by the obstacles we face – when pushing for progress seems intimidating; when problem-solving too often dissolves into the same old arguments; and when talk can seem more abundant than action – the CAFE Change Summit is a place where people dedicated to changing our paradigms can break out of our silos, dig below the surface, and take steps to change our world.

We’ll be announcing new guests and exciting details over the coming weeks – so stay engaged. Stay motivated. And stay tuned.

– Preet