CAFE Insider 01/21: The Special Counsel Speaks

Show Notes


January 21, 2019

Preet and Anne address:

–    The Buzzfeed story on Michael Cohen and Trump and the Special Counsel’s statement describing the report as “inaccurate.”

–    The latest comments from the President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuilani, that have raised concerns about Trump and Cohen’s communications

References made in the episode:

–    The Buzzfeed report on Trump and Cohe

–    The Special Counsel’s statement responding to the report

–    The Washington Post story, “Inside the Mueller team’s decision to dispute BuzzFeed’s explosive story on Trump and Cohen”

–    SDNY’s sentencing memo for Michael Cohen

–    The Special Counsel Office’s sentencing memo for Michael Cohen

–    Peter Baker’s tweet

–    Rudy Giuliani’s response to allegations that Trump and Cohen spoke about his congressional testimony

–    Michael Cohen’s upcoming testimony before Congress

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