CAFE Insider 01/28: Indicting Roger Stone

Show Notes

References made in the episode:

–        Roger Stone’s indictment, filed by Special Counsel’s Office on 1/24/19

–        18 U.S. Code § 1001

–        Roger Stone’s Nixon tattoo

–        The 2016 Wikileaks hack of DNC and Clinton campaign emails

–        Joyce Vance’s tweet speculating why Mueller didn’t charge Stone with conspiracy

–        Elie Honig’s article on CAFE, “Flipping Roger Stone”

–        Trump’s & Rudy Giuliani’s comments about Michael Cohen’s father-in-law

–        The NBC New story on Jared Kushner’s top-secret security clearance.

–        Chris Christie’s new book

–        Plus, a photo of Bianca, Randy Credico’s therapy dog (it’s a White Coton de Tulear)

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