CAFE Insider 04/22: Mueller v. Barr, a post-mortem

Show Notes


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The Mueller Report & Barr’s comments

OLC Memos

  • The 1973 and 2000 Office of Legal Counsel memos on indicting a sitting President

Congressional response

  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s subpoena requesting the unredacted Mueller report

Federal Campaign Finance laws

Rudy Giuliani

Mueller & the role of the Special Counsel

  • Video: “MSNBC Reporter Confronts Robert Mueller Outside Church After Easter Service; Mueller: ‘No Comment,’” RealClearPolitics, 4/21/19
  • 28 CFR § 600, Special Counsel regulations
  • “Special Counsel Investigations: History, Authority, Appointment and Removal,” Congressional Research Service, 3/13/19
  • “Expired Independent-Counsel Law Leaves More Power with Justice Department,” Wall Street Journal, 5/10/17
  • “How the Mueller report reminds us of Watergate,” Washington Post, 4/19/19

Reactions to & analysis of Mueller’s report

  • “Obstruction of Justice in the Mueller Report: A Heat Map,” Lawfare, 4/21/19
  • “Trump lawyers reviewed Mueller report for 10 hours before it was made public,” Reuters, 4/19/19
  • “How a legal dispute between Mueller and Barr drove the end of the special counsel’s probe,” Washington Post, 4/20/19
  • “Robert Mueller failed to do his duty,” Washington Post, 4/19/19
  • “On live TV, instant Mueller report takes reveal the challenges of real time reporting,” Washington Post, 4/20/19
  • “All the Mistakes Mueller Made in Declining to Prosecute Donald Trump Jr,” Slate, 4/18/19

Trump’s prior experience with depositions