CAFE Insider 10/28: Baghdadi Dies & Impeachment Quickens

Show Notes

In this episode of the CAFE Insider podcast, “Baghdadi Dies & Impeachment Quickens,” co-hosts Preet Bharara and Anne Milgram break down the latest developments:

— Elusive ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a U.S. special operations raid in Idlib, Syria

— District Court Judge Beryl Howell ordered the Justice Department to turn over to the House Judiciary Committee grand jury materials former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation

— Key witnesses continue to testify in the impeachment inquiry, including Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, who confirmed last week that President Trump conditioned military aid to Ukraine on investigations that could help him politically

— The New York Times report that John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe has evolved into a criminal inquiry, raising a range of unanswered questions

— Rudy Giuliani is reportedly the target of two federal investigations and subject of two pocket dialing mishaps

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  • Tweet by Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts sharing a picture with former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper backstage before the Stay Tuned live show in Denver, 10/24/19
  • President Trump’s remarks at a shale-energy conference in Pittsburgh where he said that “a big beautiful wall” would be built in Colorado, 10/23/19
  • Preet’s Tweet commenting on Trump’s Colorado Wall remark


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Closed-door House proceedings

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GOP stormed the SCIF

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District Court Judge Howell’s ruling

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Unchecked presidential power

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Congressional testimonies

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