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In this episode of CAFE Insider, “Meet the Fokker Case,” Preet and Anne break down the politically-charged legal news making the headlines, including:

-- President Trump’s tweets promoting a conspiracy theory tying former Congressman and current media personality Joe Scarborough to the tragic death of his 28-year-old congressional staffer in 2001. 

-- The President’s attacks on the integrity of absentee voting, falsely accusing election officials in Michigan and Nevada of breaking the law and threatening to withhold federal grants to those states.

-- The latest developments in the highly unusual Michael Flynn case, including the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ordering District Judge Emmet Sullivan to explain his decision to appoint an amicus curiae to argue against the DOJ’s motion to dismiss the case and the FBI Director Chris Wray’s announcement that the bureau is opening an internal review of the investigation. 

Preet Bharara:

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Anne Milgram:

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