• Show Notes

Dear Reader,

I should be working. But I keep getting distracted. Do I have cookie recipes picked out for the cookie exchange with friends? Are there even numbers of presents for each kid? What am I making for Christmas Eve dinner? Should I put Christmas lights on my chicken coop?

Meanwhile, it feels like democracy is still hanging in the balance. So, why am I obsessed with decorating cookies?

But maybe that’s the point after all. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and remember why this democracy that we cherish is so important. Yes, it’s the big things like living in a rule of law country where we can aspire to achieve the mandate in the pledge of allegiance; liberty, and justice for all. But it’s also the small things, like knowing you can relax with friends and family and enjoy life. That can be awfully hard to do, or at least to feel good about doing, in a moment where our country is at such great risk.