• Show Notes

By Melissa Murray

Dear Listener,

The First Monday in October is always a heady time for Court-watchers as a new Supreme Court term begins afresh.  But the start of October Term 2021 is perhaps even more momentous than in years past.  On September 1, the Supreme Court, citing “procedural irregularities,” refused to issue an injunction that would block a Texas law that prohibits abortion after 6 weeks. Although the Court did not address the law’s underlying constitutionality, the decision allowed the law to go into effect in Texas, chilling abortion access in the state.   

In the wake of the SB 8 decision, national opinion polls reported a significant dip in the Court’s public approval ratings. I’m not suggesting that the Justices pore over polling data and Q scores, but the fact that polls registered the Court’s lowest approval ratings ever was likely a matter of concern at 1 First Street.