Afterimage is a new video interview project hosted by Now & Then editorial producer David Kurlander. The show focuses on pieces of archival media–narrative films, memos, news clips, paintings, songs–by a recently-departed figure who helped to shape the second half of the 20th century. 

This second installment focuses on the actor Henry Silva (1926-2022) and his villainous roles in the action films Code of Silence (1985) and Above the Law (1988). David interviews the director of both films, Andrew Davis, about Silva’s unique ability to inspire fear in viewers.


  • Code of Silence, dir. Andrew Davis, YouTube Movies, 1985
  • Above the Law, dir. Andrew Davis, YouTube Movies, 1988
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  • Bernard Weinraub, “The Talk of Hollywood; Director Who Blends Action With a Bit of Art,” New York Times, 10/26/1992