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In this special episode of the CAFE Insider podcast, Joyce Vance interviews Michael Dreeben, while Preet is out. Dreeben served in the Solicitor General’s office for over 30 years, including 24 years as the Deputy Solicitor General in charge of the federal government’s criminal docket. He is one of only eight people, in the history of the country, to have argued over 100 cases before the Supreme Court.

In this sample from the show, Dreeben discusses some of the most memorable moments from his many Supreme Court oral arguments, including when Chief Justice Roberts quoted rapper Eminem and when the justices asked him whether it would be constitutional for the FBI to place tracking devices on the justices’ cars.

In the full episode, Dreeben discusses:

– The work of the Solicitor General’s office;

– How he prepares for Supreme Court oral arguments; and

– What he learned as counselor to special counsel Robert Mueller in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

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Elonis v. United States, U.S. Supreme Court, oral argument transcript, 2014

United States v. Jones, U.S. Supreme Court, oral argument transcript, 2011

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CAFE Insider 3/14: The 10th Justice (with Michael Dreeben)