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In this excerpt from the CAFE Insider podcast, Preet Bharara and Joyce Vance discuss Hunter Biden’s expected guilty plea on two federal tax charges, and his agreement to enter a pretrial diversion agreement on a gun charge.

In the full episode, Preet and Joyce break down developments in the Donald Trump cases:

  • The Washington Post report that the FBI and DOJ resisted opening an investigation into Trump’s involvement in January 6th;
  • The “no-contact order” imposed in the Mar-a-Lago documents prosecution that bars Trump from discussing the case with the co-defendant and witnesses; and
  • Trump’s interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier, in which he criticized the Mar-a-Lago documents indictment, denied that he improperly retained national security materials, and appeared to admit that he delayed complying with a subpoena to return documents.

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Tamara Sepper – Executive Producer; Sam Ozer-Staton & Jake Kaplan – Editorial Producers; Nat Weiner – Audio Producer

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26 U.S. Code §7203 – Willful failure to file return, supply information, or pay tax

18 U.S. Code §922 – Unlawful acts

18 U.S. Code §924 – Penalties

Letter, Re: Robert Hunter Biden, U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, 6/20/23

“Hunter Biden reaches deal to plead guilty in tax, gun case,” WaPo, 6/20/23

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CAFE Insider 6/20: Hunter’s Guilty Plea & Trump’s Admissions