CAFE Insider 01/14: Is Trump A Russian Asset?

Show Notes

 “Is Trump A Russian Asset?”

(January 14, 2019)

Preet and Anne address:

  • The two bombshell reports from the New York Times and the Washington Post on Trump and Russia.
  • Bill Barr’s confirmation hearings for Attorney General.
  • Whether the president can assert executive privilege to block portions of Mueller’s report.
  • Michael Cohen’s coming testimony before the House Committee on Oversight

Here are the various references made in the episode:

  • The timeline of the Mueller investigation here
  • Ben Wittes’ analysis of the New York Times story: What if the Obstruction was the Collusion? Read it here
  • Trump is asked if he’s a Russian asset. His comments here and here
  • Precedent on the issue of executive privilege: United States v. Nixon
  • Rudy Giuliani says the White House legal team should have the right to correct Mueller’s report in an interview with The Hill.
  • Bill Barr’s answers to the Senate Judiciary questionnaire here (Preet and Anne specifically discuss his answer to potential conflicts of interest on page 28.)

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