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On the CAFE Insider docket: 

– The 30-day adjournment of former President Donald Trump’s trial in the Manhattan DA’s hush money case as Trump’s lawyers review new evidence provided to them by federal prosecutors, and the judge’s decision to permit Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen to testify at trial; 

– The resignation of a special prosecutor handling Trump’s Fulton County, Georgia prosecution after a judge ruled that DA Fani Willis could remain on the case only if the prosecutor, with whom she had a romantic relationship, stepped down; and

– A federal judge’s rejection of one of Trump’s motions to dismiss the Mar-a-Lago documents prosecution.

Preet Bharara:

Before we get started, just a reminder for everyone, all three episodes of our Stay Tuned miniseries, “AI on Trial,” featuring Professor Nita Farahany, are out now. You can listen in the Stay Tuned feed wherever you get your podcasts, or at CAFE.com. The link is in the show notes. From CAFE and the Vox Media Podcast Network, welcome to CAFE Insider. I’m Preet Bharara.

Joyce Vance:

I’m Joyce Vance.