CAFE Insider 06/24: Unsafe, Unsanitary, Untenable

Show Notes

In this episode of CAFE Insider, Preet and Anne discuss:

  • The Justice Department’s argument against giving soap and toothbrushes to detained migrant children
  • The White House’s position that Hope Hicks has “absolute immunity” from testifying
  • An unusual intervention by the Justice Department to spare Paul Manafort from Rikers Island jail
  • A book deal reportedly secured by a top prosecutor on Mueller’s team



  • “2020 primary debate guide: Everything you need to know ahead of the first Democratic showdown,” The Hill, 6/24/19


  • Watch the 9th Circuit Court proceedings regarding Jenny Flores v. William Barr, 6/18/19
  • “Detained migrant children got no toothbrush, no soap, no sleep. It’s no problem, government argues.,” Washington Post, 6/21/19
  • Jenny Lisette Flores et all v. Janet Reno et al. Settlement Agreement (1997)
  • “Unaccompanied Minors and the Flores Settlement Agreement: What to Know,” The National Conference of State Legislatures Blog, 10/30/18
  • Flores v. Session (2017) opinion
  • Central District of California Judge Dolly Gee’s order in Flores v. Sessions (2017)
  •  Vice President Mike Pence’s interview on CNN’s State of the Union and the transcript
  • “9th Circuit to allow live video of hearings in major cases,” LA Times, 12/2/13


  • “Paul Manafort Seemed Headed to Rikers. Then the Justice Department Intervened.,” New York Times, 6/17/19
  • “Paul Manafort’s transfer from Rikers Island shows how corrupt the DOJ really is,” Washington Post, 6/19/19
  • Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen’s letter to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance regarding Manafort’s custody
  • Letters exchanged between Manafort’s attorney, Todd Blanche, FCI Lorretto Warden Vicky Moser, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office regarding Manafort’s custody


  • Transcript of Hope Hicks’ closed-door testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on June 19th
  • “Nadler: Hope Hicks testimony is huge gift in legal battle with Trump,” Politico, 6/21/19
  • US v. Nixon (1974) opinion
  • Office of Legal Counsel opinion: “Immunity of the Former Counsel to the President From Compelled Congressional Testimony” (2007)
  • White House Counsel Pat Cipollone’s June 18th letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler regarding Hope Hicks’ June 19th testimony


  • “Andrew Weissmann, a Top Mueller Prosecutor, Has a Book Deal,” New York Times, 6/21/19

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