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The January 6th Capitol attack, the Brooklyn subway shooting, and the indictment of since-resigned New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin are in the headlines this week.

In this sample from the CAFE Insider podcast, Preet and Joyce break down the SDNY  indictment of former NY Lt. Gov. Benjamin on bribery and fraud charges for allegedly taking part in an illegal campaign fundraising scheme.

In the full episode, Preet and Joyce discuss: 

  • The obstruction of Congress conviction of a January 6th defendant who tried to blame former President Donald Trump for his actions; and
  • The federal terrorism charge for the Brooklyn subway shooting.

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Tamara Sepper – Executive Producer; Nat Weiner – Audio Producer; Jake Kaplan – Editorial Producer


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United States v. Brian Benjamin, U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, indictment, 4/12/22

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