• Show Notes

Dear Reader, 

This week on CAFE Insider, Joyce Vance and I had expected to address various legal news items. There were findings by a state human rights agency in Minnesota that the Minneapolis police department had engaged in a pattern and practice of racial discrimination. There was the public hearing involving the lawsuit against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to remove her from the ballot because of her involvement in the January 6th insurrection. And there was the contempt ruling against Donald Trump by a New York judge, imposing a daily $10,000 fine for failure to produce documents.

All of that, of course, went by the wayside in light of the shocking leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion in a Mississippi abortion case, known as Dobbs, which would overturn the 49-year-old precedent, Roe v. Wade.

I had also been scheduled on Monday night to appear on CNN to discuss significant developments in the 1/6 investigation, including the special committee’s request for testimony from three fellow members of Congress. That too, of course, went by the wayside in light of the news out of SCOTUS.