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In this bonus for CAFE Insiders, Elie Honig and Safeena Mecklai take listeners behind the scenes of the sixth and final episode of this season of Up Against the Mob. They discuss why Goodfellas is the perfect film to illustrate the real-life modern day mafia, the central role of nicknames and food in mob culture, and what Elie hopes listeners take away from Season One of the podcast. 

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Elie Honig:

Hey, everyone, Elie here. Up Against The Mob is my new CAFE podcast. We’re pleased to offer this exclusive bonus just for CAFE Insiders with me in conversation with my co-host from the Third Degree podcast, Safeena Mecklai.

Safeena Mecklai:

Hi, everyone. And welcome to the bonus episode for episode six of Up Against The Mob. My name is Safeena Mecklai and we’re joined by Elie Honig to talk about Goodfellas.

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The Real Goodfellas