• Show Notes

The jury delivers the verdict in the trial of mob boss Artie Nigro, and Anthony Arillotta deals with the aftermath. Nearly twenty years after the murder of Al Bruno, does Arillotta have any regrets?

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Executive producers: Tamara Sepper, Art Chung. Senior producer and writer: Matthew Billy. Technical director: David Tatasciore. Producers: Adam Waller, Noa Azulai. Editor: Isaac Kestenbaum. Story consultant: Lissa Soep. Original score composed by Nat Weiner.


  • Indictment of Anthony Arillotta, Southern District of New York
  • “Alleged mobster shot to death at social club,” South Coast Today, 11/24/2003
  • Verdict in the trial of Artie Nigro, SDNY, 4/1/2011 
  • Sentencing of Artie Nigro, Ty Geas, and Freddie Geas, SDNY, 9/12/2011