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In this bonus for CAFE Insiders, Elie Honig and Safeena Mecklai take listeners behind the scenes of the first episode of Up Against the Mob. They discuss the challenge of flipping a mafia member to become a cooperating witness and how Elie would speak to his young children about his job prosecuting organized crime.  

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Elie Honig:

Hey, everyone. Elie here. Up Against the Mob is my new CAFE podcast. In it, we explore the inner world of the real life mafia and the twists and turns of my time as a mob prosecutor. You can subscribe for free by searching Up Against the Mob wherever you listen to podcasts. We’re pleased to offer this exclusive bonus just for CAFE insiders with me in conversation with my co-host from the Third Degree podcast, Safeena Mecklai. We go behind the scenes on the creation of the podcast, its colorful characters both good and bad and other revealing insider aspects of my experience prosecuting the mob that go beyond the main episode.

Safeena Mecklai:

Welcome to the first of our bonus episodes for Up Against the Mob with Elie Honig. My name is Safeena Mecklai, I am a recovering law student that you might remember from Third Degree. And before we get into the first bonus episode, and today we’ll be talking about your interview with Michael Visconti, I wanted to ask you and take a step back why you wanted to share these stories, what it is that you hope people will learn. Why the mob? Why now?